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Ultra-Trail 2015 - Newsletter n°6 - June 2015

Practicing sport regularly is very good for ones health, but running 50, 100 or 300km in the mountains, training over months, even years, inevitably involves more strain on the body. A good approach to Ultra Endurance is, then, essential in the vision of a healthy practice applied over time. Current medicines can not provide answer to all the questions which remain open, since 2007,the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® has taken the initiative to answer positively to the doctors, who are volunteers, who wish to study certain subjects in more depth by creating their own medical counsel to carry out their research. Numerous studies have already produced, important results of which have been published. They allow you to be self-aware, to adapt to your sport, your food, your training schedule and your technique(...).

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Ultra-Trail 2015 - Newsletter n°5 - May 2015

Twelve years ago a group of friends imagined a simple and authentic adventure, a tour of Mont-Blanc along footpaths and in one stage within a maximum of 46 hours. This is simply how, before becoming a mythical race, the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® was born.

 In 2003, the trail-runner, naturally attached to the practise of their activity with a deep respect for nature, sought authenticity and the desire to share with others who practised the sport. Also, from the start, the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® has integrated in its philosophy and regulations, simple, yet essential values such as the respect for other runners, local populations and the environment, fair-play, sporting equity and solidarity. This is certainly, today, one of the keys to its success. Since then the event has become much larger and now holds 5 races throughout an entire week, welcoming thousands of runners, accompanying persons, volunteers and professionals mobilising an entire territory (...).

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Ultra-Trail 2015 - Newsletter n°4 - April 2015

In the northern hemisphere the days are growing longer, as are the training sessions. Bodies and spirits are beginning to prepare themselves so as to be capable of being finishers of the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® race in which you will participate this year.
 However, a meticulous preparation means also knowing how to select with care, then test one's equipment for this type of event. These last few years have seen a multiplication in the number of ultra endurance races throughout the world. If races of 100km and more, in the midst of the mountains, with a considerable height gain are less rare than previously, they must not be trivialised. For the more rapid this means around fifteen hours of race but for the majority this can mean between 20 and 46 hours of race. This implies one – and even often two – nights on the race route. (...)

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Ultra-Trail 2015 - Newsletter n°3 - March 2015

Why? The eternal question that never has the same answer.
Why do 15,500 runners want to really take the start in one of the races of the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® Why will 7,500 runners already have a feeling of victory when they will be at the starting line in late August ?
Why have each of you invested a huge amount of energy to prepare for many months ?
There are many answers and they are specific to each individual.
To participate in an event that marks a life of a trail runner, to look for his or her physical and mental limits or push beyond these limits, to achieve something exceptional, to profit from something extraordinary in nature, to meet people from all over the world, to expérience exceptional emotions, to reach the goal of the finish line, to participate in the same event as the best trail runners of the world, or simply because there is a true desire. (...)

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Ultra-Trail 2015 - Newsletter n°2 - February 2015

Registration for the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® has now finished. It was, once again, marked by a record number of applications in spite of the necessity for runners to have an extra qualifying point for the UTMB®,CCC® and TDS®. 15 000 trailer-runners from all horizons tried to grab the coveted grail. The craze for this event, and the confidence in us, touches us deeply. It continues to strengthen our will to offer races which are even more beautiful, safer, respectful of the values of trail-running, bearers of emotions shared between runners, volunteers, partners, accompanying persons, local inhabitants of the Mont-Blanc country and all other spectators. All our energy continues to be mobilised in this direction.

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Ultra-Trail 2015 - Newsletter n°1 - 10/12/2014

As each year registration for the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® will open in December. It marks both the accomplishment of months of preparation to achieve the necessary qualification points and the beginning of an adventure which will, maybe, lead you through the arch at the finish.
 Here is the start therefore of an important new chapter of your life as a trail-runner. Here is the beginning for new stories combining passion, desire, sharing, hope, resignation, pain, relief and joy. Each story is an adventure. Each adventure is different. They all combine to create the beauty and intensity of the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc®. So, pick up your pens! Put on your trainers! (...)

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Ultra-Trail 2014 - Newsletter n°9 - 18/09/2014

It is a Sunday afternoon at the end of August when we feel light-hearted. On watching the last UTMB® finishers crossing the line we appreciate the simple enjoyment of these runners who have pushed themselves to their limits while reflecting up on the moments that have unfurled during the week. A hard week, rich in emotion. The dominant feeling,not only with the runners, volunteers, the organisation, accompanying persons and partners but also with the media, is the satisfaction and pride of having participated in this extraordinary event, knowing that it has all gone smoothly, and been one of the best ! (...)

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Ultra-Trail 2014 - Newsletter n°8 - 06/08/2014

Experience the The North Face® Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® event with your nearest and dearest, family, friends... Sharing with them, live, the highs and lows, the moments of doubt, the emotion of the finishing line, are the foundations of the this human adventure. For you and all those who follow you, whether they are present or far away, we are offering you a complete plan for following the race and organising the transport with one main motivation: to make your race a memorable experience not only for you but for all those who love you.
 Our communal transport network is based on the strict cooperation between teams from The North Face® Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc®'s organisation, enthusiastic volunteers who know the terrain like the back of their hands, along with the assistance of the communes through which the event passes (...)

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Ultra-Trail 2014 - Newsletter n°7 - 11/07/2014

To run the 12th The North Face® Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc®, is to participate in one of the 5 races around Mont-Blanc : the UTMB®, CCC®, TDS®, PTL® or OCC. Each event has its own characteristics : route, distance, height gain/loss and ,one might say, its personality. In this newsletter, we will give you access to all the practical and technical information, race by race. Which ever race you have chosen, it is an invitation to experience a tremendous epic in a magical environment : the high mountain, the massif of Mont-Blanc (...)

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Ultra-Trail 2014 - Newsletter n°6 - 13/06/2014

Because respect for one’s self is one of the principle key ethics adopted by the The North Face® Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc®, actions favouring the health of all runners have, since 2007, been a priority. Initiated due to requests from the runners themselves, we have each year strengthened a complete plan which includes advice and prevention, a health policy, medical follow-up for the athletes on the ground, and partnerships with researchers specialising in the health of ultra-endurance runners. This action exists all year (...).

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Ultra-Trail 2014 - Newsletter n°5 - 25/04/2014

In 2003, The North Face® Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® was born through the enthusiasm of a small group of runners and it is based around strong values : sporting equity, authenticity, respect for all the runners and players who take part closely or remotely in our races, respect for the environment and solidarity. Since 11 years ago, we have grown, been innovative and have welcomed thousands of athletes, all different who come from all over the world. During this time, the original values have remained solid and long-lasting and remain to be our stalwart guides. We are very attached to them. (...)

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Ultra-Trail 2014 - Newsletter n°4 - 02/04/2014

To run a long race in a demanding and sometimes unpredictable natural environment is a magnificent challenge because it is a both physical and mental event. If one puts the extraordinarily good weather conditions for the 2013 Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® aside, the several preceding years were marked by difficult conditions: in the summer it can be extremely cold (-10° at 2000 m. in August), it can rain or snow. This is not exceptional but simply the nature of mountain weather. During the same race, you could confront blazing sunshine and negative temperatures: these variables can occur within several hours of one another (...).

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Ultra-Trail 2014 - Newsletter n°3 - 21/03/2014

For the 2014 The North Face® Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc®, those passionate about trail-running will be there! This year we are honoured to welcome 7500 athletes from all over the planet (75 nationalities will be represented). Amongst them, the biggest favourites, men and women, who embody the diversity of our sport worldwide. This year will allow you, which ever race you have chosen from the 5 on offer, to run beside more than 200 internationally elite athletes, representing around thirty different countries. Due to their talents and personalities, these athletes are going to make us dream by re-writing the pages in the The North Face® Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc®'s history (...).

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Ultra-Trail 2014 - Newsletter n°2 - 11/02/2014

Once again this year, the magic of the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc® has worked and been stronger than ever. You were one of 14.000 who answered to the call for registration. This year you will be one of almost 7.500 runners lining up on the starting line coming from world wide in order to setting your dream, of running around Mont-Blanc and experiencing this big international Trail-running party from the inside, in concrete (...).

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Ultra-Trail 2014 - Newsletter n°1 - 13/12/2013

The first day of the realisation of a dream
For you, December 19th will be the first day of the realisation of a dream. Registering for one of the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® events is a founding act for your season or a motivational accelerator in your preparation. This registration gives a new sense to all those hours of training involving pleasure, good organisation, doubts and intensity, in all this energy you mobilise yourself to become one of the players in the field of trail-running at this world summit of Trail running. (...)

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