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PTL® (La Petite Trotte à Léon)

For 2015, the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® organisation are offering you a little trot of about 300km and 26 000m of ascent in the true style of Jean-Claude Marmier, like a « best-of » past PTL®s.

The PTL®, was created in 2008, and is the story of a team. The same team which, in 2003, set the foundations for this magnificent craze which gave rise to the UTMB® and its off-shoots. For all who knew Jean-Claude, this PTL® will equally pass by the cairn built in his memory in the Tarentaise, near to the Ruitor. We are counting on you to add your stones as you pass.The love for the mountains and the commitment which he transmitted to us will always be the driving force for this event, for which the route is different each year. Even more passionate, we promise you some new and promising variants (including the Pierra Menta), but still in the « PTL® spirit» ! “

 The PTL® allows you to discover, while trail running and as a team, the most beautiful sites, the most inaccessible, the most engaging passages along the high paths of the Mont-Blanc massif. Despite the fatigue you will be blown away by the beauty of the sun rising on the shrouded mountains. The flamboyance of the setting sun on the sharp peaks will give your team strength and you will understand that together, it is always possible to go further..

The PTL® offers the décor.... it is up to each to write their own story.

The 2015 PTL® is still a very difficult ultra-endurance event, which takes place in the mid and high mountain, away from well-trodden paths, sometimes inexistent and as a team. This event is not a race, it has no ranking, it is to be realised in total autonomy by inseparable groups of 2 or 3 participants. It is more of a team challenge than a personal one. This specificity not only highlights your capacity as a trail-runner, but above all the human values which forge lasting friendships, when pushing oneself to the limit for others.

Beware, when tempted by the adventure: it is necessary to have experience of endurance sports, a good knowledge of the mountains and topography, a sense of solidarity and a team spirit. This route is not way-marked! It is simply mapped: GPS tracks and maps are supplied.

Race tactics: Teams manage their progression, their refreshments and their rest times as they wish. To do this they may use the infrastructure of the life-bases, the mountain huts (refuges) and the localities they pass (no followers' vehicles or assistance teams).
See the 2015 regulations for all useful information.


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