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Downloading of useful documents

2014 Medical certificate

Available in your runner's page in the box "Downloads"

Google Earth route

Thanks to neXXtep Sport, profit from Google Earth to visualize the 2014 route in 3D!
You can see the route, the passes and the refreshment points, and you can ‘fly’ automatically over the entire tour.

NB: Google Earth Plugin necessary - Google Chrome Navigator recommended

Calculate the passage times

This web site, written by Rémi Poisvert, enable you to enter your total desired time, planned stops, your slowing-down co-efficient and give you your provisional times taken at the different passing points. A super tool to prepare your race and to learn….not to go off too quickly! Also watch our, on race day, not to let yourself get into the psychological trap of your own plans: the state you are in that that of the weather can make your race very different from that which you had planned!


Help proposition for runner preparation 

François Scalco, creator of this file began trailing with the 2006 CCC®.
To perfect his preparation, he brought together all the information available about the VMS, SEUIL, endurance, uphill speed, VO2 max estimation, shape estimation, stick sizes, 30”/30”, 15”/15”, the times and speeds estimated.
Click here to download the file





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