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Race bibs and solidarity

At the heart of the packs, this year, one can find "solidarity race-bibs", competitors were able to register as a result of their donation of 2000 € to one of the charities supported by the organisation.
For 2013, 50 "solidarity race-bibs" were reserved and 65 solidarity race-bibs sold giving a total of 130 000 € dedicated to the financing of charitable projects.

We guarantee one place (with a limit of a maximum of 50 places) to any runner who, directly or through a donor of his choice, donates 2000 € to one of the following associations.

To contact the associations supported by solidarity race-bibs,
click here

The process will be as follows :

  • The donor will pay the chosen association 2000€ to reserve a place in the race of his/her choice and will send to info@autmb.com the address and phone number of the runner, the chosen race, and the association that we support.
  • The charitable association will inform the Ultra-Trail® by mail of the donation given and the runner’s name and date of birth.
  • The runner may then join his chosen race, so long as he has the necessary qualifying points.

The donations must be given by June 30th, 2014 at the latest. The donor may on no account reclaim any part of his donation. As from the moment that the runner is registered, he is subject to the same race regulations as the other runners including the cancellation of his registration. He will be reimbursed a variable amount according to the date of cancellation (see the race regulations). He can however leave his the place with another runner who will then have to register.

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