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The North Face® Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc® directly supports 4 associations through its 4 races.

The runners of the UTMB® support "Courir Pour Toi"

Created in 2003 and sponsored by Dominique Chauvelier, four times Marathon champion of France, "Courir Pour Toi" is an association (law 1901) which allows every runner participating in a partner race to pay some additional money euro, besides their registration fee for the benefit of associations supporting the fight against serious illnesses. Giving a few extra Euros to help medical research, which runner would not have a bigger enough heart to make a donation?

These last years, the Association attempted to experience races with persons affected by a handicap. "Courir Pour Toi" (To run For You) also became "Courir avec Toi” (Run With You); the idea being at the same time, to share human adventures and to change the view of the outside world on Handicaps.

Having tested running road races, Courir Pour Toi has progressively wished to stop this activity of trailing and this year the UTMB®.

The runners of the CCC® support " Les Amis de Children’s Home”

An organization with humanitarian, independent, apolitical vocation and without confession which revitalizes the elaboration,  support, conduction, and the financing of projects which aim to improve the living conditions of  Nepalese children and their families. It helps numerous orphans or children in distress in Nepal by the creation of orphanages and sponsoring campaigns. Furthermore, the association has a campaign against the endemic illiteracy by offering within its own schools, an education, not only for the orphans within their care but also for the most disadvantaged women and children in the surrounding community. In the same way there is program of micro-credit which intends to help the women (of low caste or untouchables) who are at present excluded from the economic system.

In 2010, thanks to the donations made by the runners of the CCC®, the association is able to finance :

- Greater accessibility to schooling for the children by completely renewing Bhotenamlang School in the district of Sindhupalchok

-The organization of Mélanchi children's home, which opened for child victims of the civil war and which welcomed 15 children

The runners of the " Petite Trotte à Léon" support " Le Rire Médecin "

The association groups includes doctors, nurses, clowns and presenters, helping to improve the quality of life of  children during their care and  stay in the hospital. Because it is easier to look after a happy child, for 18 years,  the Rire Médecin  clowns intervene with the hospitalized toddlers and teenagers alike. Today it is present in 37 paediatric services of 14 hospitals of Ile-de-France and Province, last year they were able to offer more than 58,000 ‘made to measure’ and fun visits to hospitalized children.

Going beyond simple relaxation and  temporary entertainment, the clowns contribute to the improvement of the children’s quality of life of  during their stay in the hospital and by playing down of the context in which they find themselves. They establish a real sense of freedom and expression for the young patients and help parents and nursing staff to see the sick children in a different light.

Thanks to your support, more  children will benefit from our action!
More information : www.leriremedecin.asso.fr

The runners of the TDS support research on the brain diseases,

Along with the Rotary Club who has as an objective, the cultivation the ideals of serving. The numerous actions already undertaken concern, amongst others, educational and sanitary issues. Among these figure, in a position of priority, the financing of research on the diseases of the brain. Regrettably, these can also affect young and healthy subjects. That is why, rich in their experience and in
the continuation of the operation Espoir en Tête , the Chamonix Mont Blanc Megève Rotary club is making a  commitment alongside the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc® organization  to finance the acquisition of equipment destined for the Grenoble Institute of Neurosciences managed by Professor FEUERSTEIN.
More information www.rotary-francophone.org or www.rotary1780.org

For every Euro collected at the registration, the organization adds to the sum collected by taking a contribution from the total collected from the private sponsors.

Beyond monies collected directly by the Ultra-Trail ®, a very large number runners choose to run (for a "Cause" or to collect donations for the benefit of the other associations. We intend to publish, on the association- page of the Ultra-Trail ® website of a description of the association and establish a link towards its site.

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