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Elite athlete
23/03/2015 ; 16:27

See the list of international athletes who will take part in one of the races!

Click here

Stage Assistant Graphisme et Administratif
02/03/2015 ; 09:19


Notre première phase de recrutement n'ayant pas abouti, nous proposons de nouveau un stage Assistant Graphisme et Administratif au sein de l’organisation de l’Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® !

Description complète et candidature ici

Notre critère principal est la maitrise du logiciel Adobe InDesign pour la mise en page de nos documents (guide coureur, programme officiel, programme salon, guide de mobilité etc.).

Les candidatures sont ouvertes jusqu’au 20 mars !

Solidarity race-bibs
24/02/2015 ; 11:24

Great success for the SOLIDARITY RACE-BIBS because they have all found takers!

100 race-bibs were reserved to support charities and, judging by their success, the organising committee agreed to add an additional 20 places, making a total of 120 solidarity race-bibs for 2015!
On behalf of the charities, the organising committee and the solidarity commission we would like to thank all solidarity runners. The charities can also carry out their projects.

more information here

Conditions of registration for 2016
13/02/2015 ; 18:02

The conditions for 2016 registration are now available on our web-site, by clicking here.

It will be necessary from now on to have 9 points from 3 races acquired between 01/01/2014 and 31/12/2015 to register for the UTMB® and, 1 point acquired between 01/01/2014 and 31/12/2015 to register for the OCC. This also applies to persons benefitting from a coefficient of 2 or priority for their 2016 registration.

View of the 2015 registrations
13/02/2015 ; 17:53

The whole world is running around Mont-Blanc

If you go to Chamonix, the last week in August, you are sure to meet not only Italian, Swiss and French runners, but also Australians, Japanese, Hungarians, Spaniards, Peruvians, Gambians or Chinese. In all 87 countries will be represented.... as a beautiful symbol of the diversity of cultures united around the values of trail-running !

Some statistics

The proportion of women continues to slowly increase from one year to the next. This year they represent 13.5% of runners (24.8% in the OCC).

As a sign that trail-running is developing a bit everywhere in the world, countries like Brazil (97 runners registered) or China (149 runners) see their number of runners doubling in 2015.

Of the 87 countries 13 will be represented by a delegation of a hundred or more runners[ Belgium - Brazil - China - France - Germany - Italy - Japan - Poland - Portugal - Spain - Switzerland - United Kingdom - USA]

To see all the registration statistics, click here.

Search runners for TV and magazines reports
12/02/2015 ; 08:47

As every year, several journalists want make reports for TV (France 2, France 3, TF1) or for magazines (VSD, L'Equipe mag etc ...).
We are looking for runners that can be followed during the race to take portraits. Of course, they will be made without any discomfort for your run.
Images or photos can also be performed before and after the race.

We are looking for original and atypical profiles!

  • You run in families, couples, friends or for a well-defined cause, on one of the races,
  • For you, running was a help to healing (diseases, obesity, etc.)
  • Running allowed you to meet people who changed your life,
  • You are finally registered, this is your dream for many years,

your profile can interest us!

If you fall into either of these categories and if you are interested, thank you to send an email to morgane@infocimes.com indicating:

  • first name, last name
  • All your contact tel + email + dwelling place
  • Age / sex
  • Course on which you are registered
  • How many participation? At what race? Results?
  • Your profile, your story, your goal

The Press Office will do, by the end of May / early June, a selection from the applications received. No need to call, we will send an email in early June to tell you whether your profile will be presented to the media who ask, knowing well then, it is the media who decide!

In advance, thank you for your cooperation.

Infocimes (Press Relations agency of the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc ®)

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