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To follow the races

From afar

Would you like your family and friends to be able to follow you from the 4 corners of the globe?

Be up to date with the race news through to the postings on ultratrailmb.com !
Also on our web site find access to all the tools at your service for following the races :


All week the important
moments are broadcast on our WEBTV:
start of the races, newspapers, direct reports, interviews, round table discussions,
conferences, films...

5 webcams positioned along the route and at the finish allow your friends and family to see you.

    All the LiveTrail tools are at your disposition at utmb.livetrail.net
- Follow each runner on line stage by stage
- Follow the race-leader on line stage by stage
- Follow all the runners
through text-messages.
Registration possible
as from August 10th here
    With neXXtep Sport
- Follow the PTL™ teams in real time online through their GPS beacon at www.ultratrailmb.com
- Follow the race leader in real time online
- Follow a UTMB® / CCC® / TDS™ runner in real time via a GPS beacon (rental and reservation here)
    Up to date news posted on Facebook and Twitter !
You would like your friends to follow you on your Facebook wall: your passage through the check-points will be posted automatically due to an application developed by The North Face® and LiveTrail (subscription necessary, further details will be given during the summer)

On the route

Accompanying persons, live the race with your runners !
We aim to offer you an event which respects the environment: your role is as important as that of the runners! Together we can participate in the preservation of the natural areas which make our landscape beautiful by applying several simple rules which are outlined here.
One of our actions which is effective is the use of communal transport: let us, together, avoid this race in the middle of nowhere becoming an "motor festival", and use the organisation’s buses !

An exceptional public transport organisation will allow you to reach all the villages crossed by your runners without any trouble.

Price:   26 euros per person = Unlimited access as from Wednesday morning
             6 euros per person = access limited exclusively to Saint-Gervais / les Contamines.
See details and conditions

Important reminder : road closures

Certain principal roads will be closed to favour public transport and to limit the event’s ecological impact:

  • The road to access Saint-Gervais will be closed to traffic Friday August 30th from 17:00 to 19:00.
    Only the organisation’s buses will be authorised to use this road.
    A pre-reservation at www.ultratrailmb.com is necessary to take these buses (as from the beginning of July). The transport ticket will then be available for collection during the race-bib distribution in Chamonix Mont-Blanc.
  • The road to access Champex from Orsières will be closed to traffic Friday 30th and Saturday August 31st from 19:00 to midnight. Only the organisation’s buses, leaving Chamonix or la Fouly will be authorised to use this route.

Find all the detailed, practical information such as the Accompanying person’s Guide, the provisional bus time-tables for the organisation’s buses the examples of how to follow a runner by using buses and reserve your transport ticket on the Accompanying person’s page.

Vous êtes accompagnants?

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