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Accompaniment & assistance

The competitors, when they register, have agreed to respect the regulations. Accompanying persons must watch that they do not put in the runners at risk with regard to their commitment.

Family, personal assistance is tolerated exclusively at certain refreshment points (*), in the zone specifically designated for this use, upon the presentation of an ‘Assistance" ticket (see below) and the agreement of the chief of post. This assistance can only be assured by one single person, without specific equipment other one than one bag of a volume of 30 litres maximum. All professional assistance (team or professional trainer, doctor or other persons in the medical profession, para-medics...) is strictly forbidden.

Accompaniment along the route outside the clearly marked zones of tolerance is also strictly forbidden.

Be careful not to confuse the zone of accompaniment (several hundred of metres before and after each refreshment post, limits of which are clearly marked) with the zone of assistance (the area of the refreshment post reserved for this use). One could state that in the accompaniment zone you may only be accompanied not assisted !

(*) Personal assistance is tolerated at the following posts :
UTMB® : Les contamines, Courmayeur, Champex, Trient, Vallorcine
CCC® : Champex, Trient, Vallorcine
TDS™ : Bourg St Maurice, Les Contamines
It is forbidden at all other refreshment posts as well as at any other point along the route.

"Assistance" Tickets

The "Assistance" tickets are given to the runner in the race-bib envelope

1 ticket per assistance post
1 ticket = 1 person

Natural spaces respect

The North Face® Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® supported by the Chamonix Mont Blanc valley Association of communes is making a tremendous effort to be eco-responsible. You have a vital role to play in this challenge !

By definition trail running is in open country, moreover it is its charm because running in the middle of magnificent settings is stimulating and one feels close to nature.
To be to trailer is also a philosophy based on environmental protection.
Most of us are sensitive to it but we have, however, noticed on paths after the passage of the runners that it is still not everybody, especially since there are not only runners.

The UTMB®, CCC®, TDSTM and PTLTM cross areas where nature is protected and in particular two nature reserves:

  • La réserve des Aiguilles Rouges (from the Col des Montets to La Flégère)
  • and La réserve des Contamines Montjoie (from Notre Dame de la Gorge to la Croix du Bonhomme).

These reserves are areas promoting biodiversity where we concentrate on the protection of species of animals, plants...

That is why we wish to remind you of some valid rules of conduct not only for trailers but also for those accompanying them, whether it is during the actual race or during reconnaissance, training,… basically, the rules are valid all year round, it is obligatory to respect them in the nature reserves and essential to respect them in all natural environments !

Take away all your waste to preserve the cleanliness of the area  

No camping and no fires in respect of the flora and fauna

NB : Strictly forbidden within the nature reserves

  Stay on the paths, these are man’s territory  

Do not pick flowers, nor collect fossils, so that others behind you may admire them  

Dogs must be on leads.

NB : Note that within the Les Contamines reserve, they are tolerated on leads

Within the Aiguilles Rouges reserve, they are strictly forbidden

Avoid making a noise and the practice of any activity likely to cause a disturbance, for the tranquillity of the fauna and the other users